Macro Plate Partnership With GlengarryAI

Macroplate achieved a 40X ROI and re-engaged customers using SMS Marketing

A macro-based meal prep company, Macroplate is building a company that values sustainability, healthy lifestyle and is redefining the home cooked meal. Founded in 2014, Macroplate started with a belief that delicious food can be healthy, under 500 calories per meal, affordable and kind to our planet.
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The Problem:

Macroplate had a goal of reactivating users who had paused their subscription plans. Paused subscription plans was impacting revenue, so in an effort to re-engage customers.


The Solution:

Macroplate deployed GlengarryAI’s SMS capabilities to send personalized user-specific content to members accompanied with a discount code to incentivize users to re-engage with the service. The result was paused members re-activating their subscriptions, resulting in a 40X ROI for Macroplate.

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