The human-friendly two-way SMS marketing platform for business.

With a readability of 98%, SMS is the most successful medium to get in touch with your audience and maintain a meaningful conversation.

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PhD in CompSci not required. Within a matter of minutes, you can easily integrate your data,launch your campaign and begin having thousands of meaningful conversations all at the same time.

GlengarryAI Product Step
GlengarryAI Product Step

Less noise, more insights. Manage all your conversations and gain a deep understanding in trends across your audience in one place with a centralized analytics dashboard.


Communicate freely. Using AI, conduct two-way conversations without any limitations on your customers’ range of responses.

GlengarryAI Product Step
GlengarryAI Product Step

Got a CRM? We’ve got your back. Seamlessly integrate your CRM or upload your database to start generating leads with prospects and existing customers.


Access your conversations from everywhere. Our iOS and Android apps let you stay in touch from anywhere.

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